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  • Hand wash exterior with foam cannon.

  • Wash with DI water, which eliminates the risk of hard water spots on the paint.

  • Wipe down with a paint conditioner to prevent scratches.

  • Air blower on small crevices.

  • Interior vacuum and wipe down. No heavy detergent cleaners on the interior,

  • Tires and wheels cleaned and dressed.

       Apprx Time: 45+ Minutes


  • Includes a wash with a polymer sealant.

  • Interior floor mats are shampooed.

  • Interior vacuumed and wipe down.

       Apprx Time: 90 Minutes
Add ons: Clay bar, Decontamination of the paint. Interior seats shampoo.

car wash
mini detail


  • Includes exterior wash, full body paint clay decontamination.

  • Machine polish to add luster.

  • Hand application of polymer sealant.

  • Full interior shampoo of floor mats, carpets and upholstery.
    Interior detail.

       Apprx Time: 6+Hours

  • Add ons: headlights($60 per headlight),Scratch removal, Ozone machine for smoke/odor removal,

full detail


Price is based on vehicles condition. Prior to coating a vehicle the paint needs to be prepped for coating. This means paint surface needs to washed, clayed, decontaminated, machine polished. All oils, prior waxes and sealants, need to be removed to ensure the coating bonds to the paint properly.

Coatings range from

  • 1 year Coating

  • 18 month Coating

  • 24 Month Coating

  • 48 month Coating

Coatings are a sacrificial layer added to the paint. This means that if you get a minor scratch or bird dropping, tree sap; the coating with help from it etching into the vehicles paint. Too many incidents can lead to paint damage which will need to be repainted.

Coatings add a hydrophobic layer that helps repel water. If you leave water on the surface without removing it. It can still leave a water mark. Once the water evaporates the calcium and other minerals in the water will dry in the surface, leaving the paint with a water mark.

Coatings also add a high gloss to the vehicle but like everything else it needs to be maintained. Regular maintenance washes, details need to be done to ensure the full range of the coatings capabilities.

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